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inspiredbyfinn 02-17-2007 03:12 AM

HELP! Probiotics experience?
DS (4+ mos old) has had digestion and constipation issues since birth and recently has been breaking out in dry patches all over - pediatrician says mild excema.

I've started probiotics with him a few different times, but have felt compelled to give it up after just a few days since DS IMMEDIATELY gets stomach gas issues (and at feedings takes only about 1/2 of what he usually takes and has a series of small burps for the next couple of hours). When he was younger, the stomach/intentinal disruption even prevented him from being able to nap when he was tired! Now a bit older, the wakefulness doesn't seem to be a problem, but the stomach gas is.

Once a day I give him about 1/8 of the recommended doseage for newborns - I give him so little I can practically count the granuals! I'm using the Baby Jarro brand.

I'm hoping this is short-lived.

Has anyone had these stomach gas issues???

Thanks for your help, Mamas!

kht2006 02-17-2007 10:04 AM

Re: HELP! Probiotics experience?
yep. Theoretically once your baby's gut gets better balanced it gets better.
We haven't gotten past the gasey stage yet. Seemed kinda constipating too.

I don't know if you are BFing or not,but I take probiotics b/c I think my DD gets some of the benefit w/o the side effects.

DD got exzema from nystatin for thrush
1 c. of regular oats tied in the toe of an old kneehigh dunked in her bathwater worked wonders.

borja010 02-17-2007 10:35 AM

Re: HELP! Probiotics experience?
Yes! We were there! Against my better judgement I took antibiotics in pregnancy and labor as well, thus DD had (and 8mos later still has, though not as bad!) sooo many issues as a result! :banghead:

The gas is supposed to be a sign of die off of the bad bacteria as it is replaced by the benificial sort. For us, the mild constipation was in part due to the fillers that are in some probiotics. We switched to this one as it has no fillers and was highly recommended (buy it at Amazon, it's 20% cheaper)
Once DD turned about 6mos I bumped her up to half a cap w/o a problem. We also started using some of their enzymes with good results... I am not affiliated w/this company or anything :smiley_haha:

Lots of luck mama!

stella072 02-17-2007 11:29 PM

Re: HELP! Probiotics experience?
Just a thought...
Are you using a dairy-free formulation?

inspiredbyfinn 02-18-2007 05:56 PM

Re: HELP! Probiotics experience?
THANK YOU for sharing!

DS's belly is a little better - at least he is eating more :goodvibes:


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