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Online shopping and safety...

Basically what it comes down to is - you are buying online and doing so at your own risk. While we all love online shopping for everything from cloth diapers to baby carriers to clothing and more we need to ensure our own safety. The best way to do this is to check for feedback and leave appropriate feedback for everyone. There are risks involved in purchasing a product that you are not seeing and holding in person before purchasing - it could not arrive, arrive damaged, arrive in poor condition, you could receive the wrong items, shipping could take a long time, items can be lost in the mail.

No one deserves to be ripped off so it is important that we all use the tools out there to try and prevent it from happening. If you purchase an item here on Diaper Swappers please leave appropriate feedback about the issue and move on, please do NOT post about it in Diaper Chatter and Open Discussion and get a mob of people upset about the issue. If someone else goes to purchase from that mama they will be reading the feedback first and see that there was a problem - then it is their decision to purchase or not. If you purchase an item off of Diaper Swappers - on ebay, Diaper Pin or another board and something goes wrong leave feedback in the appropriate place, again please do NOT post about it in Diaper Chatter and Open Discussion and cause all sorts of drama. This is the reason that there are places to report problems, posting about these issues here on Diaper Swappers only ends up causing arguments and drama between our members.

Please make sure that you are doing your research before purchasing from someone. Obviously if you see that someone has a whole pile of negative feedback its probably not a good idea to purchase from them.

Diaper Swappers can not be held responsible for transactions on this board, you need to either file with PayPal within the time limits if necessary, use the feedback system here in an appropriate way, be honest!

Checking & Reporting...

National Association of Attorney Generals

U.S. Postal Inspection Service

Better Business Bureau

Bid Fraud for eBay Auctions for eBay Auctions


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