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Re: HELP! What fits a fat baby? *added pics*

I feel for ya mama! We are in the same boat! Our just turned 1 yr old ds is now 27 lbs with 12 inch thighs and a 21 inch waist and it is hard to find good fitting dipes here too! (He was 18 lbs at 2.5 mths...)I love Dream Eze bamboo velour as they have lots of stretch, are super absorbent and fit soooo well. (These are fitteds and I normally put them under wool), and I also love Tykies Diapers as they also have really niec fabrics and will custom anything, so they always fit well, Mutts are good but SOS OS is out for us as the waist is already too small on the cotton fitteds even though they state up to 35 lbs...mmm, what else...oh yeah, pf's are great with a snappi and sometimes I use a Baby Soft Wrap fleece cover as they will cover any diaper (incl bulky ones!), we did use FB before I found the fitted and wool love, and they worked for us - we just bought used that we already somewhat pre-stretched and they worked for us! Oh and I will say again that wool is THE BEST for chubby babes as wool stretches and they can be custom made for reasonable prices (try Just Ducky on ebay or ask here) and double as pants/shorts - we have the problem of not finding pants/shorts that fit either, but wool solves that! And re the front or side snapping, we didn't have much of a difference here, but they had to be stretchy!

And we also get stopped by EVERYONE and he gets his cheeks pinched alot!!!!! I think people just love a chubby baby


Happy New Year!

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