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Re: Pack your bags!

I could not live with out my shower stuff, blow dryer, hair thing, my own pads ( the ones at the hospital were really thick and hurt to sit on ) I am also glad I brought a little make up and some pj pants and maternity shirts and a nursing bra and tank to wear while I was there because I hated wearing the hospital gown. As for the pump, you really dont need it since it will take up to a week to get your milk in and so instead of giving a paci or anything just nurse, they dont nurse for very long in the very beginning so its best not to introduce anything that will screw up your brand new nursing relationship. But it is good to get the tubing from the hospital anyways because that stuff can be costly and if you can get it then - all the better! Congrats on the upcoming delivery! In a way I am very jealous but we still have a few years to go before we take that on again!

Oh and for the baby, I brought a blanket and the carseat and a couple of diapers I wound up not needing and an outfit with sock and a onsie.
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