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Re: sibling rivalry

Being the older sibling is both super frustrating and incredibly awesome.

I'm not going to lie - there were times when my brother and I really did nearly kill each other, though not so much on purpose but more as a way of winning the argument. (We tended to fight in the swimming pool. I grew up in AZ, and summer vacations were too hot not to spend most of them in the water.) I didn't love him one iota less (still don't) but sometimes he could be so frustrating. Especially if it was something he wanted to do but hadn't mastered, like juggling, algebra, or underwater somersaults. I'm actually not sure anymore how much of the physical fighting my brother remembers - being older, I grew out of it first. Because I would no longer engage, Steve had to quit much younger than I did.

I don't know your situation, but possibly your sister is trying to jokingly refer to similar sibling squabbles that maybe you had but don't really remember? I'm frequently amazed by the things my brother swears he doesn't remember. Anyway, if she's got something of a black sense of humor, I would not take it to heart. To me it sounds like it might be sarcasm aimed at herself, not at you or your kids...

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