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*Update*Newborn Development Question

I called our pediatrician's office to let them know about our concerns and they want to see him next week. I did find this link about Torticollis and it sounds exactly like what we are dealing with. Just thought I'd post it for any other mamas with the same issues.

I feel like DS2 just isn't developing quite as quickly as DS1. He will be 3 months on the 28th. He does smile and coo at me but he doesn't make eye contact like I think he should. His head tends to fall to the right and he is always looking in that direction. We practice tummy time and in the Bumbo chair but he still doesn't push up on his arms and look around. I do think DS1 is slightly advanced for his age. He just turned 2 and speaks 5 word sentences but still I feel like DS2 should be doing more.

Any advice?

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