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Re: Newborn Development Question

My lo is also almost 3 months, and he doesn't seem to want to make eye contact either. He's always looking to the left. I've often wondered if the no eye contact thing is a problem. I don't have any other babies to compare him to, though. He does hold his head up pretty well, and he pushes up and turns over during tummy time. I don't know what to tell you, mama. I guess I'm wondering the same thing.

I just found this in another forum:

Developmental Health Watch
Alert your child's doctor or nurse if your child displays any of the following signs of possible developmental delay for this age range.

* Does not seem to respond to loud noises
* Does not notice hands by 2 months
* Does not follow moving objects with eyes by 2 to 3 months
* Does not grasp and hold objects by 3 months
* Does not smile at people by 3 months
* Cannot support head well by 3 months
* Does not reach for and grasp toys by 3 to 4 months
* Does not babble by 3 to 4 months
* Does not bring objects to mouth by 4 months
* Begins babbling, but does not try to imitate any of your sounds by 4 months
* Does not push down with legs when feet are placed on a firm surface by 4 months
* Has trouble moving one or both eyes in all directions
* Crosses eyes most of the time (occasional crossing of the eyes is normal in these first months)
* Does not pay attention to new faces, or seems very frightened by new faces or surroundings
* Experiences a dramatic loss of skills he or she once

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