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Re: Monkey Butt Soap Bits, Free Baby Baff Bar sample w/any purchase.

Originally Posted by Ivette View Post
Wow mama!

you sold out quick on the monkey farts bit, iv been looking to buy for at least 6 months now, any chance of me ever getting my hands on these....large bag please.

Hi Ivette! I am so sorry that you were waiting forever for that scent. I have enough soap supplies to make some more Monkey Farts this week. I just ran out last week. If you can give me a few days to get it made up, I can put together a large bag for you. I usually post on here what batches I make and I also post on my Facebook Group the batches I make. The Monkey Farts does sell out fast, but if you see that I made a new batch of it and just have not listed it on Hyena Cart, PM me or e-mail me to see if you can get a bag. As long as I have it in stock, you should be able to get a bag of it. A batch of Monkey Farts usually lasts about 2 months in stock. It is my most popular scent and does sell very quickly. I will be back to post on here the status of the Monkey Farts batch and you will have priority for a large bag!
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