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Re: Repeating things from School

Honestly, while I do agree that it is an absurd behavior and that no one should mimic it and I would not let my child mimic it, if that is the worst thing your 2nd-3rd grader is bringing home from public school I would count my blessings. More than likely the child who is conducting the behavior was taught it by a parent who things its cute to act like Michael Jackson. BLEH...What I would do, however, is reiterate to your 8 year old that it is NEVER EVER appropriate to grab your privates in public and that what this little boy is doing is very rude. Your 8 year old is old enough to understand that, and if he continues the behavior then there should be appropriate consequences based on your house rules!

I'm a public school teacher, and more than likely even if the boy's parents were contacted the school would be able to do very little to control the behavior. If the parents don't see anything wrong with it then they can actually cause problems for the school. Unfotunately in this day in time, too often schools back down to parents.

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