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Re: Co-sleeping death - not sure how to feel now

i read recently on here that someone was nursing and fell asleep. when they woke the baby had passed. i ccould not believe it because i do it all the time! since then, each time i place dd (4monthS) to nurse while laying down, i need to try to shake myself awake...lots of times dd nose gets covered, but im awake to move her or me right away, imagine if i dozed off and didnt realize! since then me and dh have decided to try to nurse sitting up, to keep me more alert. she sleeps in a co-sleeper next to my bed. i do, however, move her onto my bed by 9am...but she is all the way on the other side of the bed from me.
its a scary reality that a lot of mothers face...i dont know how id feel if it were to happen to me. i coslept with ds forever, but i dont think i will do so for this baby or any future ones.
good luck to you and your family. may God give you all patience.
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