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Re: Co-sleeping death - not sure how to feel now

I'm sorry for your loss. No one really knows what happens or why so its really a personal choice - we don't co-sleep as I'm so paranoid. Every once in a while, we will bring our son in our bed, like last night, but it makes me so uncomfortable as we have a pillow top bed, lots of blankets and pillows, etc and I move/wiggle so much. Last night sweetie was having a tuff night and no one was sleeping but we've only done it a few times. I'd rather have a baby in a pack and play or bassinet or crib in the room but our house is so small we can hear him without the monitor and I can't sleep at all with him right next to me as I'm too jumpy. If you do, just be very careful and consider how your bed is set up, but given the family history, I'd reconsider it and have baby next to you - the Graco Pack and Play Lite is nice and small and when you don't want to use it as a bassinet is compact so you can use it for other uses and not feel its taking over the room and it comes in cute colors.
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