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Re: Please tell me there is a stroller out there for 80+lbs of kiddos!!!

I have this and it is a breeze to push. I can push my 50 lb. 6yo AND 38 lb. 3yo in it on hard pavement it takes no effort. My kiddos are tall, too. grass is a little harder but the wheels are SO big that it works GREAT! then u can put the LO on your back in a Beco or MT or something (or front for a younger baby) and u are set.
Although I never really push my 6yo. he walks or rides his bike but just letting u know it can be done!

I don't like it for the mall or anything but LOVE it for outdoors and longer walks.

I will tell u this company, Pacific Cycle, is awesome. I had the stroller 2 days and the 2nd day I backed the van into it (i know- ugh!) they sent us an entirely NEW stroller just for the price of the parts that we needed. So nice! & understanding.
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