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Re: Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

7:15 I get up, deal with dogs, get ready for the day, get kids clothes out, glance over newspaper if I have time (I read super fast and can usually read what interests me in less than 10 minutes)
7:30-7:45 Start trying to wake DS (4 years old) up, get DD (22 months old)dressed while she keeps sleeping :giggle, 7:45-8:00 pretty well drag DS out of bed and make him use the bathroom & get dressed, plus fix kids hair
8:00 head out the door to to bank if needed, or stop and get DS something to eat if he's hungry (he's rarely hungry in the mornings and often says eating makes him feel sick, so I don't push it
8:15 get to school, drag kids out of car, into school, sign DS into class (pre-k), hang around the classroom as required until 8:30...I've recently been spending this time discussing DS's attention & focus issues, plus talking about homeschooling next year...what we need to focus on, what he's doing well in, plus any other school-related stuff that happens to come up.
8:30-8:45 stand around in parking lot chatting with a couple of the other moms
8:45 get back home, on M & W I watch my niece (15 months)...make breakfast for DD/girls, let them freeplay...more like free-fight lately lol until around 10:30 or so, then load them into the car to get DS
10:45-11:15 drag kids in & out of car while going into school to sign DS out of class & do the whole pick-up thing
11:30 get back home, by the time I get everyone in and settled, diaper changes, etc its usually at least noon, so I start lunch
12:15ish to 1:00ish lunch for the kiddos, cleaning up from lunch while they play, then they all run wild until around 1:30 when we clean up all the toys, do another round of diaper changes usually, then nap time for the kids...they all nap from around 2:00 until around 4:00 when my sister gets here to pickup my niece.
4:00 both kids are usually up from naps by now, so DD draws or paints on the easel while DS does workbooks/worksheets for our homeschool pre-k, then we do colors, sorting, counting, and flashcards all together...DS is obviously a bit more advanced, but DD loves participating.
5:00ish Kids go outside to play (DS gets sick if he gets too hot and DD is a super pale redhead that burns with SPF70 on, so we usually don't go out until later in the day) play in the pool or on the swingset or sandbox usually until DH gets home around 6. He either stays outside with them while they play and I go in to make dinner, or he comes in with them and does a science experiment of some type (the kids have been catching bugs & worms lately and inspecting them with magnifying glasses) while I make dinner.
7:00ish is dinner, then clean up from dinner
Kids usually play until 8:30ish with DH, then have baths, then just chill in the living room quietly playing until we head to bed around 10:00 or 10:30...most nights I read for about 20 minutes before they fall asleep.

Once we start homeschooling fulltime next school year, the kids will get to sleep as late as 9am, then breakfast if they want it, a subject or two of schoolwork, freeplay until lunchtime, naptime (if they're still napping), a bit more schoolwork, go outside if its nice, dinner, baths,then bed
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