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Re: To disturb or not to disturb LO in the morning

My DD is 19 months old and has been doing this for a few months. She loves her alone time and will actually wave her hands at me and say "no, no, no" if I try to get her out too soon. She sleeps with her pillow, blanky, ooh ooh and ahh ahh (her monkeys), and she sleeps through the night. I am not too worried about her diaper, since I always use a fleece liner at night so she feels dry. She just stays in there for a while talking to her monkeys and singing. Sometimes I hear "ucky, ucky", which means she is inspecting her toes for lint
When she is ready to get out of bed, she either calls for mama or daddy, or she waits to here footsteps in the hall and says "Hi! Hi!"
She is a totally happy, loving, well adjusted toddler and I feel there is nothing wrong with allowing children to develop some sense of independence at this age. So I say let him enjoy his time and try to take your little bit of time guilt-free!
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