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Re: Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

6 - up to talk with hubby, he leaves at 6:30, then I'm off to "sort" myself - check email, dress, hair, brush teeth, etc.
7 - wake dd and ds, run bath, set out clothes, make breakfast, feed dog, make sure homework / folders / backpack / luch is made, etc
7:30 - breakfast
8 - leave to drop off dd for school
9 - back from school, quick clean-up from breakfast, sweep, etc
9:30 - puzzles, blocks, read to ds, etc
10:30 - 30 minutes of t.v. with ds
11 - lunch with ds
11:20 clean up
11:30 nap for ds
from that time on, I catch up on bills, cleaning, filing, planning, internet surfing, etc
1 - ds up from nap, outside play, park, et
2:20 - leave to p/u dd
3:30 - depends on the day, if I have errands, I do them during this time
4:30 - 5 husband home, review day / week
5:30 - start dinner (hubby has been outside w/ the kids lately around this time)
6 - dinner
6:30 clean up, homework for dd
7:30 - start bedtime routine, read, talk, etc
8 - bedtime for kids
8:30 - t.v for hubby and me, email, paperwork, talk, etc
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