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Re: Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

My kids are a bit older so our schedule is less hectic. I wake up around 8 (the kids actually wake up by 7:30 but play together in their room till I get up, I know I'm lucky) and make breakfast. After the kids eat Kearnan brushes his teeth and dresses himself. I brush Tharen's teeth but if he fights me I let him stay in his pj's for a while. I eat my own breakfast and drink coffee and read a book or check out DS. I need a little while to really get started. Then I will read to the kids a little bit and then we hit the park or jump on the trampoline depending on what the kids want to do. We are usually back by noon. At that point the boys go play for a little bit while I hit the shower (I get all sweaty jumping on the trampoline or climbing on park equipment). I make lunch at 1pm and we eat. After that it is school time for my oldest. How long we take with that depends on the day and what we are covering. Usually we do 2-3hours of workbook or hands on activities then he will get on the computer and do self directed work or play educational games for longer. I do some early homeschooling stuff with Tharen during this time as well. I also do chores (mostly laundry). Fridays are my big cleaning day, I scrub the bathrooms, the kitchen and steam the floors on Fridays so we do less of the "fun stuff" then. Monday and Wednesday we are at home for dinner, which typically happens at around 6:30. I either take the kids to the park, we jump on the trampoline, or I have a few friends who come over and play Wii with Kearnan. Tuseday, Thursday and Friday we go to my parents' for dinner and family time. Bedtime is between 8 and 9.
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