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Re: Heavy Backpacks and School Age Kid Advice?

My 3rd grader is the same way! He loves books and can't seem to leave home without at least 2 of his own(and he likes encyclopedia hardback heavy books!) plus books from school and a few library or borrowed books.
We bought him a really nice backpack that is meant for hiking. It has a hip/waist padded stabilizer at the bottom of the pack and really
great padded shoulder straps that curve naturally in by his chest to distribute the weight more evenly over his body core, not just his back.
My son walks 10 blocks home from school so wheelies would never work going that far.
Sometimes I think that this is what buying a Kindle or Nook would be good for, but my son loves the whole book, not just the printed words. And no, you certainly don't want to discourage that book love they have.
So we just do it as safe as possible for his little body(69lbs).
This is the backpack we have:
Bye bye.
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