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Re: Heavy Backpacks and School Age Kid Advice?

Does she realize what carrying around all the extra weight can do to her developing back? Sometimes it's good to show kids why you think it's too heavy (or whatever) and make them part of the decision:

Also, for what it's worth I was (and still am) an avid reader. Maybe you could suggest say two days a week that she can designate as book swap days (for the books she's borrowing or loaning friends, not typical library books) and that way she's not always carrying those books around hoping to remember to swap them. If every Tuesday and Thursday she swaps books with friends then they all know when to expect to trade and only have to carry those books those days. With the library books I totally understand carrying at least two constantly. I was always reading books in class (ignoring my teachers but I was always bored and still got straight As) and would be very frustrated if I finished a book and didn't have another one to start.
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