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Re: SIL dilikes my child. Cousins can't play.

Well first of all Sophie and A* would usually get off on the wrong foot because Sophie is super affectionate. She greets A* with a hug and she loves to say "I love you" A* does not respond to these she is stoic and stiffens up in Sophies arms and steps away. It hurts her feeling and sometimes she gets upset right off the bat and it starts some kind of fight, or Sophie will cry and A* will be confused. I always prepare Sophie and remind her that everyone isn't a hugger and thats OK, it doesn't mean she doesn't like her. After the greeting and initial argument they play for like 2 hours until one of them gets cranky. They are both firstborns/onlies and want to lead the play.

We teach Sophie both apologies and forgiveness, but SIL says they are too young to understand giving forgiveness and even their own apologies. Sophie said to A* after swiping something out from her hand "I am sorry can I have another chance?" And SIL was appalled that her 4 year old should be given the authority to forgive. "She doesn't understand that" she said "Neither of them can understand that". A* gives blank stares to "Thank you" instead of "Your welcome" again, she must be too young.

I said even if they were too young to understand, "Please, Thank You, Your welcome, I'm sorry, and forgive me" it is still good practice for when they need to use them when they are smart enough to get those concepts. We have been teaching these to Sophie since speech. And I think she understands them. I think the reason Sophie is the bad guy here because she gets all upset when A* doesn't respond to what Sophie thinks is normality. Its frustrating to her.

I thought public schooled kids were supposed to be more socially adept?!?!

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