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Re: Please help with my 6yo dd

Originally Posted by nakedbabytoes View Post
You shouldn't feel terrible for making her mind & be safe around other kids. As one of those "other mothers" at a park with older kids that are climbing or playing in an unsafe way, being a danger to themselves & others, I'd think "good for her, making her child mind or leaving."
I'd be sad that it had to come to that though. Of course, we just want our kids to be safe AND happy. She decided to choose not to do either on her own. I think you did great at the park.
Have you talked to her about last night? Sometimes going over an issue after some clarity can help prevent furture issues.
I have smaller kids(daycare ones & my little). When we get out of a vehicle, I remind them the 4 DC rules and why. That way, they have been warned initially so there is no confusion. And yes, we leave if the rules are broken without them learning thru a sit down on a bench first. Following thru is important too.
Will she talk to you about how she is feeling? Why she seems so mad & defiant. Remind her that you are there to help & not just dole out rules & punishments. Sometimes kids forget that they can talk to us without judgment or punishment. Make sure the lines of communication in a positive way are open.
Alot of parents don't feel it's worth the fight. Giving up on your child does a huge disservice to everybody. Good job not just ignoring bad behavior or saying "Kids will be kids". I've heard that alot.
No wonder your kids suck dude. Not yours, OP, the parents who give up or excuse.
Yeah, last night after her bath and I did her hair. Her and I talked and we had a calm concersation. I told her that her behavior was unacceptable and that I didn't even know who she was when she was acting like that. I asked her where my sweet Jera went. She said that she was embarressed too.
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