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Re: Pack your bags!

I just finished packing the other day (36 weeks) and one thing that everyone forgot to mention is your OWN TOLIET PAPER!! or even the flushable wipes!! I can't stand wiping with sand paper.

I also packed a medium size notebook (with several pens) to write down who my nurses were, what room I was in, times when things happened, visitors and their gifts, and other misc notes.

Worried about visitors? Last time my husband printed off a sign that read "Please no visitors between 2pm-4pm". We taped it on the door and it worked. Make sure you both sign it so they don't think it's some regular hospital sign and let your friends and family know ahead of time. This time was "our time" and mostly all we did was nap. You will find that with your first the visitors are non-stop and overwhelming. NEVER be afraid to ask someone to leave or come back including your own family.

About the nursing thing infront of your MIL...well, lets say my FIL walked in without knocking while the lactation consultant had my boob in her hand trying to get Elise to nurse. I don't know who was more embarrassed! Needless to say, he learned to knock real quick! But after my 3rd day (c-section) I started to feel comfortable nursing pretty much infront of anyone.

And yes don't forget your own pillows, unless you like the saran wrap ones at the hospital.

Good luck!
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