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Re: If you think your decision to not vaccinate only affects you and your child...

Originally Posted by shorkiegirl View Post

Here is Michael Specter's talk at the TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference this year. His language is easily digestible (i.e. not science-y) though if you want experimental, statistical back-up for the things he is saying, they exist on PubMed and various other databases of scientific research. If you're not interested or don't "believe" in science, I don't expect that a talk like this will convince you of anything, though it may still be worthwhile.

I noticed that there are a lot of "non-vaxing" supporters on this site and while I am normally a live and let live kind of person, this tolerance ends when a widespread frenzy based on non-scientific anecdotes threatens to shift the demography of the planet and undo decades of progress. I don't mean to be didactic, and you can take it or leave it as you wish, but I consider it part of my role as a biologist and a (soon-to-be) parent to inform where I can.

Thanks and enjoy
ehhh....Im at work so I can't watch this...but...Really? Look...I understand where your coming from, I vax'd my kids on the schedule set by the dr...BUT....everyone is entitled to do what they want with their children in this regard...being new, you shouldn't assume what ppl here do and don't know or have researched...I have seen some pretty compelling research some of these mamas have done on this subject and I can tell you, they are VERY well informed...and just like you may chose to let your child have sugar snacks because studies show its ok in moderation, many mamas chose not to let their children have ANY sugar snacks....because there are studies that show it leads to obesity and diabetes etc etc....(just an example)

You should really gauge your audience first....and try a nicer toned approach...good luck making friends!
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