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Effects of dehydration/not getting enough fluids for several hours

I came home yesterday to find DD screaming. She had been in DH's care since about 8, and it was then almost 3. I had breastfed her around 7-7.30, and she also had a bit of milk in her oatmeal at 8. He had also fed her fruit (which contained some water), and veggies. However, he never gave her any water to drink! (Men!!!). She was clearly very thirsty when I got home, and her fontanels were a bit sunken. She fed thirstily when I gave her the breast. I was so mad at DH! Anyway, DD seems fine - alert, fontanels feel good, she ate and slept normally, etc. I'm just a bit worried that there might have been long-term effects of her not receiving sufficient fluids for several hours. Can anyone enlighten me on that?

I should add that she is almost 11 months, and is a tall baby (weighs over 24 lbs).

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