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Re: If you think your decision to not vaccinate only affects you and your child...

Originally Posted by earthmamatobe View Post

I just LOVE newbies running in here and screaming "you are gonna kill us all with your crazy non-vaxed kids"
Originally Posted by nakedbabytoes View Post
I am undoing decades of human advancement?
You give me wayyyy to much credit.

And here I thought nuclear plants, coal burning mega business, and chemical pollutants were to blame. Silly me. My choice not to vax my boys against chicken pox will ruin the world!

Somebody slap some sense into me before I accidentially do more worldwide damage!

Originally Posted by shorkiegirl View Post
Wow, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the hostility...but wow.

I should do some more research? Actually, that's what I do. For a living. If you want a lecture about virology, I could have done that - I just figured that this was a little more palatable than immunology.

Terra - I'm sorry you took this so personally, did you bother to watch the video?
DesertRat - it's far too simplistic to discount science because "statistics can be manipulated...". I don't consider researchers who "manipulate" data to be real scientist and that is why there is a serious peer review process in place. The science that has been extensively reviewed winds up in high quality publications and sometimes changes policy, science that cannot be repeated ends up being retracted, often in an ugly, public way.

descrstn - Thanks for watching and actually considering, you obviously can think for yourself and have thought about these issues. I think his tone just reflects his own outrage and of course he's being somewhat hyperbolic but at the root of what he's saying is this: fear-mongering is much more easy to subscribe to than is a real consideration science, particularly appealing to intellectual laziness (you and, I'm sure, most of the women on this forum are not in this demographic of course, but those who are will make themselves known).

Kaci: You do not vaccinate across the board based on the recommendation of the CDC and VAERS? How does that work? The CDC has remained very strong, particularly about MMR and the necessity of maintaining vaccination coverage in order to limit satellite outbreaks. Also, whom did I accuse and of what? I made a specific point to not be accusatory or chiding - perhaps I should have elaborated further that this post might be more appropriate for those who are unsure of their decision, have yet to make a decision or are reconsidering their decision to vaccinate or not. It's clearly not appropriate for those who have closed their minds to any suggestion that is in conflict with their existing beliefs.

nakedbabytoes - read it again, I never said that you are single-handedly initiating the apocalypse. If I thought that these trends only affected very isolated communities and do not have the tendency to grow, I would not be concerned. But that's naive, especially with the advent of the WWW. Misinformation spreads faster than tuberculosis out here! No pun intended

earthmamatobe: I'm sorry you couldn't take the time to consider what I have to say before labeling me
I did and it still doesn't change my mind And as far as me taking it personally I would say you are taking it personally by addressing each one of us
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