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Re: If you think your decision to not vaccinate only affects you and your child...

Originally Posted by shorkiegirl View Post

Kaci: You do not vaccinate across the board based on the recommendation of the CDC and VAERS? How does that work? The CDC has remained very strong, particularly about MMR and the necessity of maintaining vaccination coverage in order to limit satellite outbreaks. Also, whom did I accuse and of what? I made a specific point to not be accusatory or chiding - perhaps I should have elaborated further that this post might be more appropriate for those who are unsure of their decision, have yet to make a decision or are reconsidering their decision to vaccinate or not. It's clearly not appropriate for those who have closed their minds to any suggestion that is in conflict with their existing beliefs.
Have you ever really looked at the CDC's website? Not their official recommendations but the actual data and statistics they provide?

I could give a flip if someone else chooses to vaccinate, but you are accusing us non-vaxxers of making very important decisions based on anecdotes. Did it ever occur to you that someone else can research just as well as you (maybe better!) and reach a different conclusion. You are not an authority, you are a random biology researcher (who funds your research?) Your word means nothing to me compared to actual black and white facts and the recommendations of the Doctors my family has chosen to help guide our health (including my DH's transplant team and my auto-immune specialist along with DS's pedi.) How intelligent would it be to disregard all of that because some lady on the internet (with NO kids) posted a video?
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