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Re: If you think your decision to not vaccinate only affects you and your child...

Originally Posted by iris0110 View Post

OP, you came in spouting inflammatory rhetoric in one of your first posts and you didn't expect people to react? Vaccinations are a very hot topic. As with every hot topic there are multiple sides and believe it or not there isn't necessarily one side that is correct. You think you are right, great for you, and you can do what you think is right for your child. You however can't march in here with a single video and a high and mighty attitude and expect to change everyone's mind. This is no different than a debate about abortion, religion, politics or taxes, not everyone is going to agree and that attitude of yours is not going to win you any supporters.

I wish I could "quote" every post in this thread and say ITA!

My first 2 boys were fully vaxed, we stopped now, but they are 5 and 7. They were vaxed because I was ignorant and thought its just what you do. I found out different, that I could make my own decisions and asked lots of questions read lots of books, did lots of research. My dd is delayed and selectivly vax'd. For me the scientific reasearch/stats that other countries have done was almost enough for me to say no more vaxing!
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