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Re: sibling rivalry

I didnt read all the responses...

I am the oldest of 8 - and while my closest in age sister and I (4 years apart) didnt get along until we were older, it wasn't because I was jealous of the attention she got or anything. I was always very much a loner and was studious, etc. I loved to read and do things alone and got really good grades. My sister is very melodramatic and always has to be the center of attention. So I would tease her to get her riled up because I thought it was funny, and she would get on my nerves by insisting on being around me, playing with me, and touching my stuff when all I wanted was to be alone. We really grew up pretty much hating each other but I dont think it was ever a jealous/attention issue. Although I do know for a fact that in her melodrama my sister often complained that I got to do "everything" and that I was "perfect" and that mom loved me more, etc. etc. just because I had more privlegdes as I was older and always did good in school and behaved myself. But she really did know none of it was true, she just liked to throw a fit to get what she wanted and knew this would hurt/annoy my mom. We do get along now though, FYI. We laugh about how mean we used to be to each other now.

It doesn;t necessarily mean that my children will be like this with each other, or yours OP. Kids are all individuals and I think that there are a lot of factors that play into sibling rivlarly based on personalities rather than the actual amount of attention or lack thereof that each child receives.
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