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Re: Help me buy a stroller? Graco vs. Kolcraft

My mom got the Kolcraft Contour to keep in her car and its not a bad stroller but the sunshade and other parts are much cheaper than our Quinny Zapp. Weight wise its average, its roomy but my son is 7 months and the bigger size wheels are nice - I looked at it for us and thought it would be too cheap to last for every day but as a second or if you aren't using it all the time, its not a bad stroller. It also has a nice basket, drink cup holder, etc. It was very easy to put together. We got hers at Sears. What I don't like its it isn't cushioned, but most strollers aren't - for my Zapp, I got the Eddie Bauer liner at Target for $10 - you could probably do that but my mom didn't care and my son doesn't so I didn't push the issue and he's not in her's that much.

Depending on your use, we got the InSTEP 2009 Run Around LTD Jogging Stroller at Babies R Us on clearance/coupon - looked like someone bought it last year, returned it and it just sat either at their house/store unopened - for under $50 and its great - I was going to splurge and get a Bob or something else but had not looked yet and saw it and liked the colors (nice reason huh) and I figured with the price if it really sucked I could return it. It is great - goes over everything, including trails really well - great for outdoors - we use the Quinny for shopping and this for the park and outdoor use... (my kid has three strollers, which is silly but that's a different issue but we couldn't find one that met our needs).
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