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Re: Cows Milk?

My dd was ready for sippy cups at 11 mos and I gave her Vit D. At 12 mos your are able to give them Vit D anyway (for the next year and then you can switch to 2%). I don't think it affected her in any way.

My ped said to make sure ds is getting 8-12 (I think...could be 16?? but that seems high) oz of vit D a day when he was 18 mos.

We gave him organic Yo Baby yogurt too and that helped with his milk intake. I don't know exactly when we started with that flavored organic yogurt though. LOL

With Vit D peds say to start you just give them a tbsp of plain white yogurt (not low needs to be the highest fat % possible), cottage cheese and little sips of milk every now and again to prepare their bellies. I would do that first to make sure it doesn't cause any upset. Introducing milk is like introducing new foods. You want to give it to them once a day for 4 days and then watch for a reaction. I don't think we did that but we did give the yogurt, milk, cottage cheese to introduce it to him.

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