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Re: Homemade diaper thread

Great job mamas! You guys are ahead of the game. Gail, are those daddy flats? Are they fast to make?

Well my diaper making is slow going. Hope you don't mind me posting even though these still need snaps. I do have 5 more all in ones cut out though.

This one is a strawberry shortcake pul cover, second try at getting this kind of gusset right.

And here are the daddy diapers. Plain jane but at least I know he'll use them since it most resembles the paper diaper, this is the first of the five I have cut out. Bamboo fleece all in ones with pul outer and fleece gussets. I found out with my son I have to have gussets or the poo just runs out the side, usually while nursing.

Here's my nursing pad stash!

Still have a ton to do though, I need lots more fitteds, diaper covers, and I got some other strawberry shortcake fabric for making wipes.
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