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Re: stressed, sick baby

First, big I know this cant be easy for you and the rest of your family. I have a 'sick' kiddo too and it really is so draining. I understand where your coming from and I hope things get better for you and you get those answers you crave soon.

Originally Posted by geckoed
As soon as my mom saw him for the first time she said "I'd never bring a baby like that home from the hospital!

As opposed to what, leaving him there?! Seriously!

When my dd was just about 8 months old, we saw a developmental pediatrician. We were just beginning to put together the pieces of her diagnosis, and this woman was supposed to help fit everything together.
The first thing she told me was that I was young, and had my whole life ahead of me. She really pushed to have me put Celeste in a home, and tried to tell me I wouldnt be a bad mother if I did. She went so far as to tell me that i could even visit sometimes if I wanted to...but that Celeste would never know the difference! I was seriously outraged. She just didnt get it... of course my baby knew me! Of course she would do better and thrive in OUR home not a long term care facility. I didnt take her seriously for a second, but it just goes to show the mentality of some people.

Im sorry I am not much help, but I just wanted to let you know I know how your feeling and I hope things get better for you and ds soon.
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