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Re: Can someone please explain "Luteal Phase" to me..

Your LP is very important when TTC. If it isn't long enough, typically 12-14 days, it may be an indication that your body isn't producing enough progesterone to support a viable pregnancy. If that's the case your dr/re can give you progesterone (suppositories or otherwise) to increase your levels, lengthen your LP and increase your odds of a H9M. Many drs consider 10 days the minimum. Also important to know your LP if you have long cycles, b/c it's possible you have long cycles and regular LPs (ok) or long cycles and irregular LPs (not ok, b/c this is considered an irregular cycle, which means you aren't Oing optimally).

Some drs believe than a longer than average LP could be a precursor or red flag to cancer, as some exhibit the symptom of increased estrogen levels, associated with some cancers. But that's a still far-fetched under studied/proven idea. My LPs are typically 17-19 days on a *regular* cycle.
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