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Re: stressed, sick baby

he takes immunoraptors, multisaurus, rhino-vites with any viral illness, grapefruit-seed extract, garlic, chammomile for gas/illnesses causing fussiness, and the remedies in my hylands kids-kit depending on the symptoms. He sees a chiropractor. I really do believe the body is very good at healing itself and that antibiotics work against nature a lot of the time. My DD has been prescribed abx a few times, but we tell the Dr we'll wait a few days first and she never needs them. Loch is different though. At birth he had heart rate, breathing, and temperature stability issues so was in the NICU. He had no suck reflex, plagiocephaly, torticollis, and spiked a fever. He was transferred to another hospital and I was stuck in the first hospital (c/section). His antibiotics started there He came home a week old and unable to latch. We used a cup and a finger feeder and rigged the finger feeder as an SNS and taught him to nurse. He had formula only one time- in the NICU and he reacted badly to it so the nurses didn't try that again. At 7 weeks he had bronchiolitis with oxygen sats in the 80's and was hospitalized. At 3 months RSV. There were ear infections in there and his toenails grow funny so one got infected (they also peel off to the skin randomly). But at that time we were mostly dealing with the hygroma and torticollis and plagiocephaly and 20-40 seizures a day. We were driving 4 hours EACH way twice a week with all the kids in a van with no a/c and half the windows working to treat his head and neck. He was always sick. Then at 5 months my oldest had Strep throat and we didn't know it. One night the baby didn't really nurse for his 1am feeding, skipped the 5AM, and was still asleep at 8. He started moaning softly. He was sleepy and whiney. He just wasn't right. I took off the cranial band he wore for his plagiocephaly and he was SO hot. I had thought he was cold since his hands and feet were freezing. Trying to keep this short here- I ended up driving to the peds office and the ped was pulling up and I banged on his car window and made him look at Loch. Loch was asleep and looked- asleep. We went in and blah blah we had to rush to the hospital where a million bad things happened and they found out he had Group A Beta-hemolytic streptoccocal septecemia/bacteremia and meningitis. They cleared out a pediatric isolation rom because he was going to die. They like the kids to die alone- too hard on the roommates. So we went to die. They put him on a ton of IV abx and he was allergic so they gave him benadryl with the abx because even a severe allergic reaction is easier to treat than the form of meningitis he had. He was in septic shock and his organs were failing. He was semi-comatose for 8 days. But he was inconcievably alive. They brought a BUSLOAD of residents to see him. Every Dr brought their residents and Dr friends. We were like a medical tourist attraction. He was "the boy who lived". We asked "will he get it again?" and were told "we don't know- you don't live through it so we don't know" But he did live through it. Not only did he live but when he started to get better he got REALLY better, he tracked visually for the first time, batted at a toy for the first time, began to coo, lifted his head while on his belly, things he should have done months ago but hadn't. So that was the scariest episode. But not the last. He's had a variety of invasive bacterial infections. He's had strep throat 8 times even though "babies don't get that" 12 ear infections (including one which spread to the mastoid bone), sinus infections, sepsis a few times, a UTI caused by Klebsiella oxytocca which is a hospital grade infection, rotavirus (also picked up in the hospital), c-diff from the hospital, pseudomonas, and more. Meanwhile he's been diagnosed with limb-length discrepancy, has delayed visual maturity (has the sight of a 6 month old and 16 months plus one eye is near-sighted and one eye is far-sighted and one eye has loose muscles), hearing loss in one ear (and malformed ear canals), has a language delay (no mama/dada etc yet at 16 months), they think he has asthma, he's sensitive to dairy if not allergic, he's anemic, his lead levels weren't out of range, but they weren't 0 either, he has pica, and so on and so forth. He's seen the ped, the pediatric DO, the family Dr, a couple of neurologists, the physical therapist, the ENT, the pediatric surgeon, another sugeon (for the hygroma which is still there b/c its shrinking and not causing problems), the cardioligist (they suspected endocarditis or another heart infection and he was turning blue then) a million specialists will come to you while you are doing weeks in the hospital so we've seen a lot more while hospitalized with various infections. We have the big Infectious Diseases and the Immunology appts coming up. I just get so stressed. I want him to run through meadows with the dog, walk barefoot in the river, pick fresh fruit to eat, and not know his pediatricians name. Instead I have the peds home # and cell # in my WALLET and on my fridge. He's taken more drugs in his life than the rest of us combined. I hate letting them do the things they do, the tests and medicines and so on- but I have to keep him alive and he really gets all those rare stubborn infections that really DO need antibiotics KWIM? All the ones that will probably never happen to anyone you know, and he gets ALL of them not one.

As for my mom yeah, she meant it, she thought he should have been left at the hospital. About 6 months ago she sat me down to explain that I have other kids, kids who will "be someone someday" and that I NEED to let Lochlan go so I can raise them right. Gave me some crap about the good of the many outweighing the one and how I needed to put him up for adoption and move on.
Kim, mom of 5
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