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Re: my baby is sick - rash, fever, and cranky

I don't always treat even a high fever, its a body's work to get rid of the invaders. We were told that the body won't let an internal fever go above 106.7 only heat stroke does that, so we were told it was ok to leave a fever alone. We treat the child not the thermometer. So if he's acting fine he probably is fine. My son has had so many scary germs and weird symptoms and we've had to learn to FIRST look at the child. If Lochlan still likes his favorite things, is soothed (even momentarily) by me, and will still get up to play, even if its "slow play" and just a little- then its not time to panic.
It could be heat rash- but that rash IME fades REALLY fast with cooling. It could be hand-foot-mouth disease and maybe you were spared orally with one or just a few mouth sores. Rocky Mountain Spotted fever also affects hands and feet though so I'd like you to google that and see if it sounds like what he has at all. Otherwise my ped says rashes are the bane of a DRs office. MOST are "just a virus" and theres nothing to do for them and they get the parents all "in a wad" LOL We had a rash that lasted almost 3 weeks with one of my kids. The fever should be gone by today though right? Its been 3 days and thats typically the burnout length on a fever, so hopefully he'll be symptom free in a minute
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