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Re: Some sort of bug/parasite in DSs stool

Originally Posted by DocsNemesis View Post
Hmmm...can find anything online that looks like it? I'd ask for pics but I'm assuming that'd be gross, lol.

If they look like earwigs, I can't imagine it being worms...of course, I could totally be wrong but still. Doesn't make sense to me.

Are they dead or alive? My fiance suggested that maybe they're actually getting into his diaper somehow as opposed to coming from internally.
Well, I'm not saying I went through and dug them out of the poo and rinsed them. However, maybe I should have. It is totally possible that it just looks like an earwig to me...but isn't. He had 2 poops today and nothing that looked very concerning.

I'm not sure how anything could get in his diaper before I put them on him, or while he is wearing them. They were dead and looked like they had come out with the poop. Nothing in pee diapes. I would take pics...I have been trying to get someone to look at his poop since Saturday. My DH just left for work for the month on Sat morning, and everyone else thinks I should just throw the diapers away. But they are at home, and I am not. I am heading back to get them and go to the docs shortly.

And throw the diapers away. We are talking BG organic AIOs and GMs here. NO WAY!
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