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Re: stressed, sick baby


I am so sorry things have been so rough for you and your little Loch. I can tell from your post how trying this is for you, as obviously it a very hard situation to be in.

I think, rather I hope, things will get better for you. I remember when my dd was going through the process of a bazillion docs to get a diagnosis, I kept saying I just WISH I knew what it was that was wrong. I, personally, was able to make peace with the problems she had once I knew what it was and had a name for her illnesses and lack of development. Sometimes that really helps.

Sometimes, too, it gets easier as they get older. I know that isnt much fun to hear, but you somehow become immune to the upheaval of it and just think of it as another illness, another hospital stay. Hopefully for your little guy, though, you wont have to get used to it and things will get better.

As for your mom, my personal opinion is that sibs who grow up in this kind of situation are better people in general. More caring, more compassionate, more understanding, more patient. It makes me sad to hear that your mom said those things to you, because obviously its not what you needed. To tell the truth I spent years where I hated my mom because of what she did/didnt do in regards to my daughter. She never really said hurtful things she just avoided us for about two years. Wouldnt see us, pick up the phone, etc. Pretended like we didnt exist. I eventually forgave her and we are great again now but I think its hard on grandmas in a different way. They have to see their grandchildren and their children suffer. Its no excuse, but still...

As for being 'the boy who lived' (like harry potter! LOL!) I can relate to that. Our drs told us essentially "take her home and love her but dont expect too much" Well almost 7 years later she is doing better than we could have hoped. Children have reserves of strength that are just incredible.
As for the residents, it got to the point where we had a hard rule that NO ONE other than the attending was to touch her, and no one other than the attending was allowed in the examning room without our permission. It helped all of our stress levels, especiall dd's.

I hope things get better for you guys, and that these new docs are able to shed some light on your Loch's health problems. I wish I could be of more help!
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