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Re: A Double-Dog Dare for those that are challenged by their little girl's hair!!

Originally Posted by katesmash View Post
reviving this thread to post my DD's first braids

Of course.. they got taken out within 15 minutes... I really wanted her to sleep on these and have adorable wavy hair in the morning.

Very sweet braids!! Maybe next time you can distract her long enough to fall asleep with them in, since waves is what you're going for.

Originally Posted by Sakari View Post
SOOOO cute!!!! I love them!! Too bad they came out right away. Keep trying!

Awww and I love that you've revived this thread I got my own hair cut yesterday! I don't have pics yet, and I'm sure I'll never be able to make it look as good as the girl who cut it, but I love it! I actually got it trimmed first, and then was slightly disappointed in it. (She cut about 4 inches off.) So I went back to the mall (impulse cuts!) to another salon and had them cut it again!! Now I have my 10 inch ponytail to donate and I'm in love with my new 'do!

How's everyone else in "hairland"??
I want to see your haircut! We're still having fun in hairland I try to do something with Emily's each day, but I almost never take pics anymore. I haven't really done anything "new" since Valentine's Day.

Oh, I take that back, I did a basket weave on Easter, but I didn't get a closeup pic of her hair. At church, Emily has officially become known as "the girl with cute hair." Her teacher seeks her out each week to see what her head looks like. That's kinda fun!

How's everyone doing?? Heather, how are the wedding plans coming along? As for me, morning sickness is FINALLY starting to subside, so I feel a little more human these days.
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