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Re: WHY do mamas sell items for double or more than they paid?

I think that's totally rude! I would sell things that were gifted FFS, just because of needing to not lose the money out of pocket, but knowing others need stuff more than I do. A lot of what I got was FFS or almost FFS and I honestly don't remember what I got FFS or on ebay or anything else. In that case, I may flub up and charge like $4 or $5 on something that cost me $2 or $3 and vice cersa, just by looking at what's selling and how good of shape.
It sounds to me like you're talking about someone intenetionally selling for a profit and that just rubs me the wrong way. It's one of those things that makes you wonder about people. Why would you try to screw your friends> KWIM?
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