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Re: my baby is sick - rash, fever, and cranky

His fever is definately down, I haven't even checked it. Just a guess, I'd say its around 100 - 101 maybe.

The rash is still there, getting darker and more spread...still concerns me. I have seen a lot of rashes, but I don't think I've ever seen them start out at the ankles/soles and hands. This Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever things REALLY has me freaked out. Last Fall we had a tick problem - I bought something (plant stuff) from CT or NY (somewhere around there) and it was infested with ticks. Although, I had no clue what they were at that point - they looked freshly hatched, I did find the mama bug though - positive it was a tick. Fastforward a few months and my dds room is infested with ticks too. I thought we had it all taken care of, I haven't seen anything in months. The room has been sprayed twice and a treatment put in the carpet. BUT we have been in there a LOT recently in the last week getting the room put back together (dd has been in our bed).

The really freaky part, a couple days ago I woke up in the AM from a bad dream....all it was was picking up one of the plastic bins in my dds room (thats been holding toys for months now) and finding a big nasty tick on the side of it

I called the docs office, the nurse took my info to give to the doc - just waiting for a cal back. I think I'll call them and just make an appt though. This rash seems to be getting angrier whatever it is.

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