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Finally a quiet baby!!

Well, Ava..the lil baby girl I nanny for has been a teething, crying baby who will ONLY stop crying when she is held, not only held but walking around while held...And when I have her for 10 hours a day there comes a point where I NEED to have my arms...well I made a pouch sling and am wearing her on my back! and she is LOVING it even when I sit! she is free to look around and touch and still for some reason feels like I am up standing while i have her on my back!..I really need to try out making a mei tai today! I will feel a lil' better with that extra security although the pouch is very secure the mei tai would also support her if she fell asleep back there as she also has been only sleeping if I hold her the whole time as well...she wakes the second she lays down...and it's all over from there! So I just wanted to share my releif from the pouch giving me some such needed arms free time while still holding miss Ava so everyone is happy!
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