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Wink Re: For those who had difficult pregnancies

Well, my pregnancies are always easy physically (getting pregnant is a HUGE miracle though) but after DD#1, I had insomnia for 5 months and she wouldn't breastfeed at all (so painful and when I quit, I never had engorgement pain or anything, it was like there was no milk there!). But I took sleeping pills to help me through that hard time and it didn't affect DD because she was being formula fed.

With DD#2, I was SO stressed that b****** wasn't going to work but it did. It was PERFECT, NEVER any pain, bleeding, etc. and she knew exactly what to do. But around her 3 week mark, I started in with the insomnia, which led to anxiety, which went into full blown PPD. It was scary. I have never felt so awful. At her 4 week mark, I quit b****** so that I could take sleeping meds and have other people help me. The insomnia was 10 times worse.

SO... even though my pregnancies are not difficult, I am scared to death to have this baby #3 because I know insomnia and PPD might be happening to me again. It's harder for me to get excited about the baby, knowing that its arrival means my body going through a huge, hormonal, emotional time. And since my 2nd was worst than my 1st, I'm scared #3 will be REALLY BAD.

Or it could be great. I just wanted to let you know that you don't need your mother's license revoked and there ARE others who do feel the same as you. I always say, "In the long run, things are going to be great." And now that I know I'm prone to have certain issues, I have a GREAT support system of family and friends that are ready to help me. I hope you have a lot of support too!
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