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Re: 2nd timer "newbie" needs advice

Originally Posted by camillesmom View Post

What do I want?
- A system that is easy, preferably with a disposable insert option for the dipe bag
- Doesn't have to be cheap, but not too $$- moderately priced
-Wicks moisture so baby doesn't get dipe rash
-Snaps (I hate aplix)

Lmk if I am being clear about my expectations... BTW, I just tried the FLIP system and hated it. It's basically glorified pfs/covers and really bulky and annoying to use. The inserts took FOREVER to dry, and the covers didn't fit DS well at all.

Please spam me with anything you LOVE, mamas! TIA!
SoftBums in snaps might fit that (with a dry-touch insert). As far as the disposable option, you could probably use the Flip disposable inserts (I plan on doing that myself this weekend camping so I will let you know how that worked out). You can reuse the covers between washes so long as baby didn't soil it so per diaper change the price isn't bad -and they are a true one size IMO.
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