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Re: For those who had difficult pregnancies

My second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in the third month, then I got pg right away and it was a horrible pregnancy. I was very ill and ended up developing complete placenta previa. I ended up on bedrest at 28wks due to bleeding, I spent 2 weeks at home on bedrest and 4 wks on bedrest at the hospital. It was miserable I missed my 2 yr old and my DH. So when I ended up going into ptl and bleeding, they just did the section and Sophia was born 4wks early. She stayed in the nicu for one week before coming home. I had a lot of problems bonding. And to be honest she just turned 1 and I feel like we are just now starting to bond. It was very depressing to me that she would not go to sleep on me or cosleep with me, like our first dd did. She is just starting to do this with me though she prefers her own bed still. i understand what you are going thru but it will get better.

While you are pregnant you can take Wellbutrin. They put me on that while I was in the hospital on bedrest. But I do know if you are bf'ing you will have to have it changed to something else. I have decided if I have to go back on AD, then I will. Because Im of no use to my kids and husband when Im like that. You should talk to you physician, also you can call the LLL and they can tell you which meds are safe for bf'ing. Good Luck!
Jen H.
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