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Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread

Would you be willing to post your 12 meals that you plan before your bi-weekly grocery trip?

I can't imagine being that organized and I love to see what other people eat for meal ideas.

Another really, really inexpensive store is ALDI. It looks like they are concentrated in the Southeast and Midwest. They don't sell anything organic, but their store brand is good, especially for coffee. I ended up replacing Starbuck's with their brand of coffee. Aldi's prices are super low on all staples and produce. If there's one in your area, you might want to check it'll either love it or hate it's kind of like a mini-warehouse club b/c you bag your own and rent a shopping cart.

Does anyone listen to Clark Howard on talk radio?? He always talks about how to save money and live frugally.
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