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Talking Oh fluffy day! And a few questions...:)

I got my first batch of diapers in the mail today. They're 12 small FB with 18 microterry inserts. Though, the inserts do seem rather large (they're 5x12 inches...Maybe just my preconceived notions, eh?) They fit in the diaper, though. The snaps...having only used sposies, tell me they get easier to work or are just as quick as velcro-type dipes? My husband for some reason has a preference for snaps (though he hasn't ever CD'd not even diapered anyone). I don't a have a baby yet to try 'em on. And the inside is SOO SOFT! Do I have to wash 'em first?

I'm so excited...Now I just need to find the camera.

ETA: So yeah...I just read on the fuzzi bunz website that even the MOE inserts are about 6"x12" it's not just mine. For some reason I was expecting something smaller. (Where's the head-smacker one when I need him?)
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