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Re: Regarding selling/trading Franklin Goose credits

I will check with the representative from Franklin Goose that posts on Diaperswappers. To my knowledge, there is no way for a user to transfer accounts to another member.

In explanation to how FG credits differ from trading a gift card...
It was determined by diaperswappers mod & admin team that an actual gift card can be traded, as in you can give the other trade partner the gift card or store credit number and they can make the purchase themselves. The problem with FG credits is that they can't be traded, but rather the owner of the credits has to make the purchase. So if there are problems on the retailer end (an item goes out of stock, there is an issue with the quality of an item, etc) there is no way for the other trader to do an exchange/return/file a claim since they were not the person making the purchase. It really is for the safety of both traders that the item be in hand since shipping times & stock is not guaranteed by the retailer (Franklin Goose)
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