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Another "Why I Love Crochet" - Yay!! a few more action shots added ;)

We were playing outside, and I LOVED how she was wearing the headband and everything

You are AMAZING! Seriously, between Lyn of Get Hooked (you can find her on HC The Chain Gang) and Kari of Born Again Baby (also on HC The Chain Gang) I may never buy knit again! (okay, I admit, I will continue to buy knit stuffs )

Lyn made us an amazing little outfit for miss Thia, that included a headband, tank top, and skirted shorties. All made out of delicious alpaca/merino yarn from Kaysie at Wacky Alpacky!

So here is a few snap shots of the gorgeousness Lyn hooked up with the help of Kaysie's amazing yarn (which is incredibly affordable I might add!)

and last but not least, the entire outfit (with the addition of PacaLegs from kaysie at Wacky Alpacky) while Thia enjoys the yumminess of Ummy
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