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Re: Another "Why I Love Crochet" - Yay!! for Lyn of Get Hooked & Kaysie of Wacky Alpa

Originally Posted by lyn1270 View Post
awwww!! what a cutie!! so glad you like it! she is just precious!

the yarn was a DREAM to work with! the dye job was awesome! no horrible was awesomeness! and the blend of alpaca/merino is just crazy soft! for you mamas that need another yarn addiction (LOL!!) you really need to try Kaysie''s like butter!

oh...and i agree w/kaysie...cute nip shot rofl!

ETA: Sarah....Kari & I would be totally down w/you just buying from us!!
The yarn thing is one reason that when I need to buy yarn, I USUALLY buy it from Kaysie. One exception, I recently bought from TIG, but the wait is like 8 weeks or so (Yikes!) so I immediately questioned that decision once I bought it! Kaysie's yarn is available but GORGEOUS

about you and Kari I actually need to figure a new little glorious set to get from Kari because I was hoping to set something up with her for July or a fall outfit or something like that....

I'm also looking forward to the next little set I get from you! Do you think we should add socks or another headband or what should we add to the capris and top to make it just perfect?!?....I think way too much about this

I did just commission a knitting custom for a little helen's sunsuit though...I think I have the yarn for the colorway (maybe, not sure....) so now I just need to find the trim yarn....or solid color yarn....but I'm not 100% either way
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