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Re: stressed, sick baby

Theresa, THANK YOU. The Infectious Disease Dr took his chart to Childrens and met with a group of Drs to brainstorm. So I'm really hoping he'll have some IDEAS at least. I'm sorry you had to struggle through Celeste's early months/years while you wondered what was wrong, can it be fixed? how? Its a special kind of heartache and it steals some of the joy and innocence of babyhood. I feel like I MISSED so much with Loch. I never put him down, I never left his side in the hospital (yes, you can homeschool 2 kids and play with a 3yr old all day in a hospital room- ask me how I know LOL) but I have spent so much energy on the very basics with him- keeping him breathing, teaching him to eat, keeping him alive there's not much left over for the milky-smiles and snuggly-joys. I mean they happen, just... less I think. I'm not explaining it well. But I think you might understand. Can I ask you to tell Celeste's story? She sounds like such a precious gift. (My oldest has autism, and after the grieving came such joy- he makes our lives better EVERY DAY)
Kim, mom of 5
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