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Re: stressed, sick baby

Kim, I would certainly be more than happy to share Celeste's story, but I dont want to hijack your post! I just wanted to make sure this was ok with your first And sadly, no, what she has cannot be fixed. I wish it could!

I do understand what you mean about not having as much time for the 'good' stuff. I think it was a bit different for us because Celeste was our first, so we really didnt know what we were missing until our baby dd joined our lives. It is bittersweet, because we love each and every milestone, no matter how small, but we also re-mourn for the milestones Celeste never had or never will have. We honestly didnt realize how much we were missing until we saw what 'normal' babies do.

You sound like an awsome dedicated mom. I think your doing everything perfectly and it sounds like, though difficult, you have made the best of (well as much as possible for right now) what your dealing with and that your trying to enjoy your baby boy for who he is. I think its the best any of us can do as moms.
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